Meet Our 招生 Team


Director of 招生
portrait of 雷切尔而
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Main Campus 楼下:MAIN HALL 101G

“It always seems impossible until it’s done ” – Nelson Mandela”


Rachel is a Wyoming girl, born and raised who has a great passion for student success and higher education. She is from Mountain View, WY originally but has made 楼下 her home. She is dedicated to helping students and their families learn everything they need to know about CWC so they are certain that it is the right place to be. She is a huge advocate for community college, especially CWC as this is where her educational journey started. Her motto is “社区 college should be a first choice, not a last resort”. Her background in communication, 招生, student life, and financial aid make her a great resource for students and their families. As the Director of 招生, Rachel hopes to provide anyone interested in attending CWC with the tools, 资源, and connections to make them the most successful in their educational journey. In her free time, Rachel loves spending time with her family and friends. Family is the most important thing to her. She loves photography, which she says is “the film student coming out in her,” along with her love of tv shows and movies. 现在, a lot of her free time consists of reading textbooks, writing papers, and fixing up her house.

有趣的事实: Rachel loves unicorns and, funny enough, horror movies.


Student Recruiter

portrait of Kendric Muehler

“Don’t focus on what you think you deserve. Take aim at what you are willing to earn” -David Goggins” 


Kendric was born and raised here in 楼下. Kendric has been heavily involved with CWC since he was just a kid. Whether it was watching his sister play volleyball for the Lady Rustlers or watching his other sister preform in the plays and musicals, CWC has always been a huge part of Kendric’s life. 然而, it wasn’t until after Kendric graduated from CWC in the Spring of 2022, that he decided he wanted to become an advocate for starting your educational journey at Central Wyoming College. Through the capacity of the Student Recruiter, Kendric now has the ability to travel all across the state of Wyoming, and bordering states to share his own testimony of CWC but also show students the amazing things a community college has to offer.

有趣的事实: Kendric is an avid duck hunter


Enrollment Advisor

portrait of Kylan Shultz

“Life does not reward intent, life rewards action.——佚名


Kylan is dedicated to advising non-traditional and diverse populations of students. He is passionate about helping students develop strong relationships and find their passion as they navigate their journey at Central Wyoming College. His educational background in Kinesiology and Health Promotion as well as some experience in education, have helped him to develop an understanding of many people and their backgrounds, as well as how to help others learn and grow. He uses that knowledge to help advise students through their educational journey. In his role as an Enrollment Advisor, Kylan hopes to provide the support and guidance each student needs to be the most successful.

有趣的事实: Kylan loves basketball and Cherry Pepsi!